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Center of traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery

The large clinic providing medical care to patients from all Russia with diseases and consequences of injuries from a musculoskeletal system, a backbone, peripheral and central nervous systems, consequences of burns, cicatricial deformations of integuments.


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Office of traumatology and orthopedics

Otdeleniye of neurosurgery, vertebrologiya and mikrokhururgiya

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Patients about us


Resident of Germany, patient of office of a hemodialysis of Omutninsky central district hospital

Here everything is made at very good level, and the equipment is not worse, than in Germany. Relation of doctors and personnel excellent. On my homeland there is an opinion that the medicine in Russia falls short of due level, all hospitals old and patients are in awful conditions, but it not so. I took several pictures and I will tell all my friends that here excellent medical aid and qualified specialists.


Resident of Tunisia, patient of the Center of traumatology, ineyrokhirurgiya orthopedics

I was traumatized 10 flyings ago – fell from the second floor. In the last two years the state considerably worsened: constant use of anesthetics was required, the gait and the general quality of life changed. My friend living in Kirov advised to address to the Center of traumatology. I noticed that in this clinic operations are performed every day, and on my homeland – only 5 in a month. I am grateful to doctors for everything. Now I feel well, and next week I will be written out.


Resident of the USA, patient of the Kirov regional hospital

The Kirov doctors very correctly spend the time, they are true professionals of the business. I saw that I am in reliable hands, felt safe. Not in all foreign clinics it is possible to note the same quality of treatment. It is not so easy to impress me, I very critical, always see problems and shortcomings, but here did not find them. I next week will be 70 years old, and I visited many clinics, especially America and England, and I never saw cleaner hospital. Kirov the small town, but skilled competent doctors work here, and now I can tell with confidence that if I sometime need operation, then I will do it exactly here.