Treatment in Russia. Kirov

The center of traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery for the first time performed operation to the foreigner

On December 1, 2018

To the resident of Tunisia total endoprosthesis replacement of the left hip joint is executed

 The citizen of the Republic of Tunisia came to the Center of traumatology, orthopedics and neurosurgery on treatment. At 29-year-old Marven Gul the serious diagnosis – a coxarthrosis 3 stages was established. Highly qualified specialists of the Kirov clinic operated the foreigner. Today, on August 2, to the Center of traumatology there arrived the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kirov region Dmitry Kurdyumov and the Minister of Health of the region Andrey Chernyaev personally to take an interest in the state of health of the patient.

According to Marven Gul, he was traumatized 10 flyings ago – fell from the second floor. In the last two years the state considerably worsened: constant use of anesthetics was required, the gait and the general quality of life changed. In the homeland, in Tunisia, could not provide to Marven expeditious medical care, and conservative treatment did not help any more. Then his friend living in Kirov advised the young man to address to the Center of traumatology. Marven Gul became the first foreign medical tourist in the region.

As Dmitry Kurdyumov noted, development of medical tourism – the perspective direction. The center of traumatology monthly provides medical care to more than 500 nonresident patients from different territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.

– Export of medical services for foreign citizens became one of actions of the national Health care program reflected in the new "May decree" of the president. The Russian Ministry of Health calls this direction to some of leaders, – the deputy chairman emphasized. – We will develop it and further because the level of the provided medical care, the modern equipment, qualified specialists and competitiveness allow us to do it.

Marven Gul was operated by the manager of the third travmatologo-orthopedic office Alexander Kovrizhnykh. During operation on total endoprosthesis replacement of a hip joint to the young man completely substituted all damaged structures with implants.

– The patient lived with this disease of 10 years and strongly suffered. Owing to traumatized at it the leg was shortened on 4 cm, there was a distortion of pelvic bones and a backbone. The patient limped and could move only with a cane, – the doctor told. – Now it will be able to return to full-fledged life. According to WHO data, such operations are recognized as the most effective in the world on improvement of quality of life of patients.

Marven Gul noted that he feels perfectly, and he liked to be treated in Kirov therefore in the future he will advise the friends to address exactly here if they need high-quality medical care.

– I noticed that in this clinic operations are performed every day, and on my homeland – only 5 in a month, – the patient shared. – I am grateful to doctors for everything. Now I feel well, and next week I will be written out.

For some time the foreigner should go on crutches, then he will be able independently to move. The patient will get all additional advice of the Kirov experts remotely.

As Dmitry Kurdyumov noticed, treatment in specialized medical institutions of the Kirov region for patients of Russia is carried out free of charge according to the policy of compulsory health insurance. For the foreign citizens who are not insured for territories of the Russian Federation it is paid. However in this plan the Kirov region became competitive because the cost of operation and a full course of treatment costs twice cheaper here, than, for example, only one hospitalization in clinics of Tunisia.

– Our doctors are competent, and the cost of services is much lower therefore, I consider that foreign patients and inhabitants of different regions of the Russian Federation will go to the Kirov region on treatment. For us this attraction of financial resources in the budget of territorial fund of obligatory medical insurance which are redistributed on our healthcare institutions that affects in equipment of clinics of the region and the salaries of doctors. All this becomes for the benefit of residents of the Kirov region, – the deputy chairman summed up.