Treatment in Russia. Kirov

The citizen of Germany highly appreciated carrying out service of a hemodialysis in the Kirov region 

On December 1, 2018

The 45-year-old German Andreas Pister the other day became the patient of office of a hemodialysis of Omutninsky central district hospital. The man arrived to the Kirov region on a visit to relatives and was strongly surprised and pleased with the fact that in the Russian remote place it is possible to receive the dialysis help at the worthy level – is not worse at all, than in the German clinics.

With the diagnosis "renal failure" Andreas Pister lives 8 years and got used that it needs to pass the vital procedure three times a week. If the man goes to have a rest or in a business trip, then first of all inquires about existence of such service. In Omutninka Andreas stayed with the wife's relatives last time six flyings ago, and then he had to spend a lot of time for trips to Kirov because only there carried out the procedure of a hemodialysis.

– Now everything became much simpler. If I knew that in Omutninsk opened such office, then would visit relatives earlier, – the man shared. – Here everything is made at very good level, and the equipment is not worse, than in Germany. Relation of doctors and personnel excellent. On my homeland there is an opinion that the medicine in Russia falls short of due level, all hospitals old and patients are in awful conditions, but it not so. I took several pictures and I will tell all my friends that here excellent medical aid and qualified specialists. And here it is very clean. At us let relatives in outerwear and street footwear to office, and here – only boot covers and white dressing gowns.

Public service of a hemodialysis was restored in the Kirov region in 2017. Now the head office is located in the Kirov regional hospital, and structural divisions – in Omutninsk, the Vyatka Glades and Sovetsk. The procedure is carried out absolutely free of charge for all citizens having the policy of compulsory health insurance, and for foreigners it is much lower, than in other countries.

As the deputy chief physician of the Kirov regional hospital Sergey Bakin told, now the service of a hemodialysis in our region is received by 149 people, and it not only patients from the Kirov region, but also residents of the nearby cities, including the Republic of Tatarstan.

– In our structural divisions high-quality repairs with use of modern finishing materials are made, the high quality equipment which does not concede not only to the leading Russian clinics, but also foreign is supplied, – Sergey Bakin emphasized.

As the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kirov region Dmitry Kurdyumov noted, now medical tourism actively develops and is one of the target directions of the national Health care project regarding involvement of foreign tourists to Russia.

– High-quality medical care on the majority of profiles is in our country at the European level and even sometimes exceeds it, and the prices of its rendering are significantly lower. Russia is very competitive for rendering medical aid to patients from other countries, and the Kirov region – not an exception, recently we already had a patient from Tunisia. We plan to organize system work in this direction in the nearest future, – Dmitry Kurdyumov emphasized.

As for patients from other regions of the Russian Federation, according to the deputy chairman, their number grows every year. If in 2017 in medical institutions of area more than 40 thousand nonresident patients and the amount of funds attracted in the budget of the compulsory health insurance Territorial fund were treated made more than 600 million rubles, then only in six months 2018 to Kirov there arrived more than 30 thousand people, and the sum reached 400 million.

– Involvement of nonresident tourists to the region becomes for the benefit of development of health care of the Kirov region and for the benefit of our patients. All means remain in a system. The lead medical institutions of the city and area receive additional financial resources to develop, improve the competences, to have motivation and an incentive, – Dmitry Kurdyumov summed up.