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The main direction is the low-invasive surgery (arthroscopy) on knee, elbow, shoulder, talocrural and coxofemoral joints.

Endoprosthesis replacement of a knee joint.

There is a specialized, including hi-tech medical care at an injury of large joints and effects of injuries and diseases of large joints, namely at injury of crucial ligaments of a knee joint, injury of meniscuses, usual dislocation of a patella. Surgeries at the deforming arthrosis of a knee joint are carried out, at damage or a disease of an articulate cartilage and fatty body, at usual dislocation of a shoulder.  

Joint operations are performed in the low-invasive way - through two-three punctures. It considerably reduces process of postoperative recovery.

Medical equipment such is that it can compete at the level of world clinics. Beginning from diagnostic manipulations by means of computer and magnetic resonance imaging, extensive "park" of x-ray complexes, including digital, and finishing with the operating rooms equipped by the last word. Hi-tech equipment - devices for intraoperative roentgenoscopy like S-arc, devices for blood reinfusion, endovideo surgical racks of an expert class, computer navigation, the modern respiratory, monitoring equipment, the electrosurgical equipment and many other things.

A range of keyhole surgeries for major and small joints



The arthroscopy unit provides specialized high-tech medical care for injuries of major joints including the knee joint and the hip joint, for consequences of injuries and diseases of major joints: when the cruciate ligaments of the knee joint are injured or the meniscus is damaged, in case of deforming arthrosis of the knee joint, damaged joint or articular cartilage degeneration. The unit performs operations for habitual dislocation of the shoulder, rotator cuff injury.

The surgery is performed by means of arthroscopy - through small incisions of 1 cm, the camera is inserted through one of them to examine the joint, and the instruments to remove overgrowth are inserted through the other. The surgery usually takes about an hour.

The cost includes surgery, medical tests, anesthesia, hospital stay up to 3 days, meals.

The main advantage of such treatment is short-term and relatively painless recovery, 2 to 3-day hospital stay is required and then the patient is discharged from hospital.


The traumatologist the orthopedist managing office of an arthroscopy




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